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Phrases about selfishness

Phrases about selfishness

About love, heartbreak, friendship, family ... there are countless phrases about all kinds of issues or emotions. Selfishness, although not a very pleasant or positive emotion or thought, also has its own. We have prepared a collection with some of them.

The best phrases about selfishness

It is not being selfish, but choosing loneliness so as not to leave with a broken heart.

Love asks: What can I give? And selfishness responds: What do I gain?

If you do a search on the internet, you can find a lot of lists of phrases about selfishness and about what it means to be selfish according to various points of view. But we make it easy for you with a selection of the best phrases about selfishness.

If you don't give, you can't ask for anything either.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the adoration of the loved one and the adoration of oneself.

The unhappy are selfish, unfair, cruel and unable to understand each other. The unhappy do not unite people, they separate them.

People confuse living as one wishes, with demanding others to live as one wishes.

It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make your happiness a priority. Sometimes it is necessary.

The force of selfishness is as inevitable and as calculable as the force of gravity.

In truth, people do not change. He only behaves differently when he tries to get something.

Don't run away from true love simply because of the selfishness that disguises yourself as love.

Earth revolves around the sun, and not from you.

Sympathy, animal passion, is also a selfish passion. But it is still our best opportunity to avoid selfishness.

A real friend always comes on time. A dry friend comes only if he has time.

Do you ever have to be selfish and worry about yourself from time to time

Sadness is really a covert form of selfishness.

We are all made basically of the same matter: generosity and selfishness, goodness and greed.

Money leads only to selfishness, and inevitably leads to abuse.

Give people more than you expect and do it with joy, remember that selfishness is part of life's failure.

As selfishness and complaint pervert the mind, love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision.

It is useless to be selfish, since each of us lives in interdependence with the whole world and with all things.

Famous phrases about selfishness

Famous personalities also do not get rid of having their own perceptions about selfishness. Some of these phrases are quite well known and popular. Others, however, will be the first time you read them ...

The day I discovered you, I didn't tell anyone. It was not fear or shyness, but selfishness. What would happen to me if everyone loved you? Edel Juarez

I have been a selfish being all my life, not in theory, but in practice. Jane Austen

The same story is always repeated: each individual thinks only of himself. Sophocles

We only feel public evils when they affect our particular interests. Tito Livio

We cannot judge the lives of others, since each person knows their own pain. One thing is to feel that you are on the right path and another very different is to think that yours is the only way. Paulo Coelho

The benefit of one is the damage of someone else. Michel E. De Montaigne

I fear being cold, dry, selfish, and God knows well, however, what is happening right now within me. Gustave Flaubert

When I started loving myself, I got rid of everything that was not good for me. I moved people, food, objects, situations and everything that sank me away from me. At first I called it healthy selfishness, but now I know it is self-esteem. Charles Chaplin

There are people who would comfort each other until the end of the world, as long as they had announced it. Friedrich Hebbel

Man is a selfishness mitigated by an indolence. Fernando Pessoa

In reality, there were only two people in the world whom he loved ardently: one, his greatest flatterer on duty, and the other, himself. Georg C. Lichtenberg

Do not focus on the faults of others. Consider only what you have done or stopped doing for yourself. Buddha

Interest has no temples. But he is worshiped by many devotees. Voltaire

The only acceptable selfishness is to ensure that everyone is well to be better. Benavente Hyacinth

The selfish person loves himself without rivals. Cicero

The first human being devoid of that second skin we call selfishness is yet to be born. Jose Saramago

Your own interest serves you better by not letting yourself be carried away by him. Lao Tse

Selfish people are unable to love others, but they are not able to love themselves. Erich Fromm

One of the biggest diseases in the world is selfishness. Teresa of Calcutta

We hope that this selection of phrases about selfishness will help you to reconsider and think if you too have been involved in these kinds of emotions. Or maybe, what you want is to send some hint about selfishness to someone in particular ... in any case, you already have a few examples to start with.